Precision Tx

Precision TxTM  treatments are ideal for people looking for procedures with the least amount of downtime and best possible results with a minimally invasive methods that can be performed in-office.

Precision Tx - Cosmetic Dermatology - Ellen Burov MD

Exciting New Technology

The Precision TxTM is an exciting new laser technology by Cynosure that uses a side-firing laser (similar to the Cellulaze™ that treats cellulite) to treat the neck and face.

Knifeless Facelift

You might also see this on the internet as the “Knifeless Facelift” or “Lazerlift”.  This laser treats any excess fat, particularly in the neck, while also providing tightening to the skin and the deep SMAS tissue of the face which results in improvement and rejuvenation of the lower face, jowls, and neck. This is an ideal procedure for patients who are not ready for surgical face and neck lift or not willing to accept risks associated with surgery and general anesthesia.

Revolutionary Technology

This revolutionary technology allows to melt fat and simultaneously tighten the skin overlying treated area with no pain and minimal downtime.

It has been well known that providing heat to tissues can cause collagen shrinkage and tightening along with stimulation of collagen production which thickens skin, improves skin laxity and delivers more youthful appearance. The problem has been to get the right amount of heat to accomplish the task while not applying too much heat that could cause injury. Unlike many technologies that apply radiofrequency energy, infrared light, or ultrasound energy to provide the heat, this laser technology is used with a temperature control system called ThermaGuide which provides real-time temperature control to the tissues, leading to a more reliable result and providing unprecedented safety.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia. The treatment usually starts with tiny holes (they don’t even need a stitch) under the chin and near each ear, application of dilute local anesthetic under the skin of the neck and face, and application of the laser fiber.  The actual lasering takes about 30 minutes and then a dressing and compression garment are placed.  Because the tightening and skin thickening rely on the body’s natural collagen contraction and production, the result takes a few months to fully manifest, but early results will be seen in the first few weeks. Recovery is much easier and faster than surgery, and the garment can be removed in a few days.